NLP in the Sun

In 2016 the NLP Academy will run its fourth summer season of courses in Murcia, Spain. We had such a superb experience in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, that we decided Murcia is a great home for the NLP Academy Summer School. In 2016 we will hold The NLP Core Skills Diploma, NLP Practitioner and International Coaching Certification, International Coaching Certification (with New Code NLP), Love Public Speaking and Trainers Training at the beach front Hotel Costa Narejos, Los Narejos close the town of Los Alcázares, Murica.

Join NLP co-creator John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll for what is sure to be an NLP extravaganza. John, Carmen and Michael are known in NLP for their individual and collective contributions to the field. This dynamic training team offers you the authenticity of a John Grinder led training combined with the innovations, creativity and different training styles Carmen, Michael and Bill bring to the experience.

Why Spain?

 La Torre Golf resort

The NLP Academy attracts an international audience, with people travelling from South America, USA, Australasia, Asia, and Africa and all over Europe. NLP Academy is a truly international company. One thing we can be guaranteed of in Spain is beautiful weather and great food. Add in lots of activities available, fantastically priced accommodation and Spain is a fantastic place to hold an international course. What's more the lead trainers John, Carmen and Michael love Spain, we enjoy Spanish food, culture and the way of life, so we thought it would be excellent to bring our brand of NLP to Spain for both the Spanish and worldwide NLP community to enjoy.

It's simple, NLP in the SUN!