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In 2022, the NLP Academy will run our famous NLP in the Sun series in Sesimbra, Portugal (45 minutes from Lisbon). Sesimbra is an ideal setting to learn NLP with the hotels situated in a magnificent beachfront location. The area is excellent for walks, climbing and you can enjoy the natural beauty of the nearby national park so you can combine your studies with beautiful outdoor experiences in addition to enjoying the sunshine, great food and the relaxed environment unique to a Portuguese holiday resort.

At this spectacular NLP in the Sun series you can experience the highest quality of NLP in the world, taught by NLP co-creator John Grinder, New Code NLP co-creator Carmen Bostic St Clair and New Code NLP co-developer Michael Carroll.

The courses will be taught in English with full Portuguese and Spanish translation.

At the NLP in the Sun series you will benefit from John, Carmen and Michael’s collective 106 years of training and coaching experience giving you NLP skills at the level of your training that will ensure you are operating at the highest standard in your own community. There is not an NLP experience like this in the world for innovation, variety, quality and authenticity.

The Region

Sesimbra is a charming fishing town, just 45 minutes drive from Lisbon. Sesimbra is an ideal learning environment with beautiful beaches and is surrounded by the Serra da Arrabida national park. The local area is perfect for outdoor activities so leisure time is safe in terms of Covid 19, as the area is relatively crowd free. As well as a great location for learning, the local cuisine is very special, be ready for some culinary delights.

Covid 19 Safety Precautions

The training will take place in a highly spacious room with full social distancing for health and safety. To avoid large numbers of people congregating in close proximity we will not be serving refreshments and it is recommended people take their breaks outside. Snacks such as sandwiches and salads will be available to pre-order and served in packaging for people to enjoy in the outdoor space.

Hotel do Mar

Training will take place at this charming 4-star hotel is built on a hillside overlooking the beach of Sesimbra. It has indoor and outdoor pools and a restaurant with ocean views.

Telephone : +351 212 288 300

Email : d.reservas@hoteldomar.pt

NLP in the Sun is brought to you by
The NLP Academy

The NLP Academy is the global leader for NLP Excellence established for 25 years with lead trainers John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll.  The NLP Academy launched NLP in your Home as a way to continue what we do best, training the highest quality of NLP for people all over the world, making the home the classroom to suit current times.

John Grinder

John Grinder, is the co-creator of Classic NLP and New Code NLP and has authored 16 books on NLP related subjects. John brought his expertise from his PhD in linguistics specialising in syntax theory to co–create NLP in the early 1970s. 

Not one to stand still, John, in collaboration with Carmen Bostic St Clair updated his work on Classic NLP to create New Code NLP and in doing so radically extended the reach and efficiency of NLP change work. Both as an academic and innovator, John leads the field of NLP with passion and creativity equal to when he co-invented NLP 50 years ago.

Carmen Bostic St Clair

Carmen Bostic St Clair, has been a driving force in modernising NLP and together with John Grinder is the co-creator of New Code NLP. Prior to acquiring her doctorate in Jurisprudence, Carmen was an educator who won a national award for her ingenuity in creating inductive learning contexts for students to learn naturally.

When she met John Grinder, Carmen was the CEO of a holding company with 27 subsidiaries and brought her extensive experience to the Corporate Consultancy business Quantum Leap, which she co founded with John Grinder. As an NLP leader, with 34 years of commitment to excellence, Carmen has taken NLP to new areas of application, particularly in the sectors of business and coaching.

Michael Carroll

Michael Carroll is the Founder and Course Director of The NLP Academy, established in 1996. As a co–developer of New Code NLP, Michael formalised the training structures of New Code patterning for courses at different levels within the International Trainers Academy of NLP (ITA) which was set up by Michael, John and Carmen to benchmark high standards in the NLP field.

Prior to his NLP career, Michael owned a hugely successful Financial Services Consultancy, where he developed a fascination with psychological business methods. This led to his early studies of NLP and gaining a BSc in Psychology. Today, with 25 years of training and coaching experience, Michael is one of the leading educators in the field who continues to push the boundaries for innovation and high standards.

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