Where is the course taking place? Sesimbra Hotel Spa

  • The optimal Trainer State for engaging any audience with confidence
  • How to have absolute certainty on stage and break any fears connected with public speaking
  • Developing a high level of self-awareness as a presenter so you are tuned into all feedback
  • Triple description as a mechanism for self feedback for continual self improvement as a presenter

  • How to develop rapid group rapport with large and small audiences for you as a presenter to have total attention of the group
  • Identifying informal group leaders and utilising the natural influence they have with other members of the group
  • Pacing and leading the conscious and unconscious mind of audience members building individual and group responsiveness
  • How to answer difficult questions with rapport enhancing your credibility
  • How to quickly read an audience so you can maximise the effect of your message
  • Understanding how groups, sub-groups and individuals relate to each other to accentuate group rapport and create a harmonious learning environment

  • How to build dynamic and engaging sessions to maximise the interest in your presentation
  • Creating sessions that harness the conscious and unconscious mind of learners creating a lasting ‘whole mind’ learning experience
  • Framing presentations to set the scene for conscious expectations
  • Delivering tailored sessions for unconscious learning and long term behavioural change
  • Orchestrating sessions designed for different learning styles so all audience members feel included

  • How to transform interruptions into effective teaching points minimising the effect of the interruption and keeping your presentation on track
  • Recognising and answering the question behind the question, satisfying the deeper learning requirements of the questioner
  • Elegantly handling hecklers/troublemakers and get them on your side giving you a greater and more natural authority with the overall group
  • Using misdirection as means of distracting the conscious mind and taking the learners into unexpected and positive territories going beyond expectations
  • Designing charismatic presentations using multiple descriptions and connecting with the audience at a sensory level creating enhanced recollection

  • Utilising different postures for different steps in the presentation sequence making it easy for the learner to experience the distinct types of content in your presentation
  • The distinctive tonalities anchored to visual, auditory and kinaesthetic language to create heightened charisma in your style and versatile learning experience in the group
  • Tonal anchors to connect the unconscious minds of group members to the desired states inherent in your presentation
  • The hidden structure of charisma and the ultimate verbal rapport tool

  • Deductive style training sessions when you want the attendees to walk away with explicit learnings, usually expressed linguistically
  • Inductive style learning when you want the participant to experience the learnings experientially, usually expressed in behaviour
  • The Grinder 8 Step format for presenting and training, a format that mirrors natural learning contexts, making it easier for participants to assimilate the content
  • Formatting the unconscious mind for learning, creating a framework for long term recall and integration

  • The use of metaphor to set up teaching points for what is to come
  • Isomorphic metaphor, precise metaphor construction, to create direct mappings
  • Multi embedded metaphor, embedding different states in metaphor for layering learnings
  • Nested and open loops in metaphor, how to nest stories within stories to create audience intrigue and unconscious engagement
  • Spatial anchoring with metaphor to chain states, link stories and build an internal map of the content that is to be delivered

John Grinder

John Grinder is the co-originator of NLP and one of the greatest thinkers of our lifetime. He has authored 14 books on complex subjects ranging from transformational grammar, family therapy and his creation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP belongs to John Grinder, maybe not in the literal sense. If you studied the patterns of NLP which were originally developed in the 70's you will recognize the wisdom of John Grinder flows throughout the early work.

Carmen Bostic St. Clair

Carmen Bostic St Clair is the CEO and founder of Quantum Leap, the company Carmen and John conduct their corporate work through (http://www.quantum-leap.com). Carmen has held senior political research posts in government administration. (The White House Committee of the Development of Small Business) and Business Advisory Council representative from California. At the point where she and John Grinder joined forces, she was the CEO of a holding company with 27 subsidiaries, ranging from plastic extrusions manufacturing through radio stations to commercial real estate development.

Michael Carroll

Michael Carroll is the only NLP Master Trainer in the world certified by NLP co-creator John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair. He is the Founder and Course Director of the NLP Academy. Michael creates a collaborative learning environment where the interplay of conscious and unconscious learning processes fully harness the potential of each learner on a course. He has a unique style using metaphor, humour, questioning, and elicitation of altered states. This makes a course with Michael a profound learning experience flowing into every outlet of your life. In the words of his clients he is a "training genius".