Where is the course taking place ...

NLP Core Skills, NLP Practitioner and International Coaching, International Coaching with New Code NLP and New Code NLP Trainers Training will be hosted at the Sesimbra Hotel and Spa.

The hotel Sesimbra is a panoramic hotel with an incredible view over the Atlantic Ocean enjoying a privileged location with direct access to the beach. There are 84 rooms and 8 suites. The seafront balconies have superb views providing colours, reflections, unique melodies and enchantment that only the Atlantic can provide.


Rua Navegador Rodrigues Soromenho, 2970-773 Sesimbra, Portugal
Telephone : +351 212 289 800
Email : info@sesimbrahotelspa.com


Telephone : +351 212 289 803
Email : reservas@sesimbrahotelspa.com
Website : http://www.sesimbrahotelspa.com/en

rua Humberto delgado n5, Sesimbra
rua mariantes de Sesimbra 2, Sesimbra
avenida da liberdade 21, Sesimbra
rua da esperança 50, Sesimbra
rua da esperança 52, Sesimbra
rua dos operários marítimos 2, Sesimbra
rua Doutor Peixoto correia 3, Sesimbra
avenida da liberdade 5, Sesimbra
travessa Cândido dos Reis 7, Sesimbra
rua Virgílio Mesquita lopes 2, Sesimbra
rua guerra junqueiro 7, Sesimbra
rua São José 7, Sesimbra
rua navegador Rodrigues soromenho k, Sesimbra
travessa Xavier da Silva 13, Sesimbra
rua padre João Honório ferreira 5, Sesimbra
rua A, bloco C, Sesimbra
rua Manuel de arriaga 23, Sesimbra
rua doutor Peixoto correia 3C, Sesimbra
rua padre João Honório ferreira 7, Sesimbra
rua Jorge Nunes 17, Sesimbra
rua guerra Junqueiro 5, Sesimbra
largo almirante gago coutinho 3, Sesimbra
rua major Joaquim preto chagas 3, Sesimbra
rua doutor Peixoto correia 3A, Sesimbra

  • Easily achieve personal outcomes
  • Intention, attention and focus with outcomes
  • Setting the frame to direct attention in group and individual contexts

  • Calibration of verbal and non-verbal behaviour
  • Explicit mirroring to develop rapport
  • Micro muscle mirroring for non-verbal influence and deeper levels of rapport
  • Cross over mirroring - subtle out of conscious body and tone mirroring for influence and leading
  • Leading and interaction

  • Recognising and utilising perception of self, other and observer
  • How to step back and evaluate performance and discover new choices
  • Creating empathy and learnings

  • The verbal and non-verbal components of visual, auditory and kinesthetic representational systems
  • Overlapping systems to help others have more choice in how they perceive the world
  • Reading non-verbal accessing cues, including eye patterns, tonal and body language shifts

  • The building blocks of human experience and how we code different behaviours
  • Utilising submodalities for increased clarity and focus
  • Mapping submodalities for behavioural choice
  • Classic anchoring formats for collapsing unresourceful states and stabilising new resourceful states

  • Developing rapport with the conscious and unconscious mind
  • Detecting, eliciting and utilising involuntary signals in self and other
  • Introduction to New Code NLP philosophy and change models

  • Meta Model: Syntactic questioning to ensure precise communication
  • The Milton Model: hypnotic language to layer change
  • Verbal Package: specifying what you want
  • Framing: paraphrasing, misdirection and provocation

Michael Carroll

Michael Carroll is the only NLP Master Trainer in the world certified by NLP co-creator John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair. He is the Founder and Course Director of the NLP Academy. Michael creates a collaborative learning environment where the interplay of conscious and unconscious learning processes fully harness the potential of each learner on a course. He has a unique style using metaphor, humour, questioning, and elicitation of altered states. This makes a course with Michael a profound learning experience flowing into every outlet of your life. In the words of his clients he is a 'training genius'.